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Fairlings Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are an exclusive group of like-minded influencers; passionate women who share our commitment to mindful living. Together, we are creating and leading an online community, inspiring people to make simple everyday choices that benefit humans, animals and our planet.

Each ambassador is personally hand-picked by us after a pretty exhaustive selection process. Heard about our rigorous six-step brand selection process? We put just as much effort into choosing our ambassadors.

Meet our lovely team of ambassadors below including their Instagram handles :)

STEPH @thisbrownwren

TINA @thebarefoothousewife

AVALON @tiedyedtofu_

Avalon Llewellyn Instagram

KATH & JADE @panaceas_pantry

JESS @mindful_moose

Jess Ettridge Instagram

Interested in becoming a Fairlings Ambassador? Email us at to find out more.

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