Fairlings is an everyday essentials store that sells organic, vegan, ethical and sustainable products. We only stock one brand per product category, making sure we only offer you the products that perform, tick all our standards and are affordable. 

Meet the founder, Maša Ofei. 

I had the idea for a store in late 2015 after many frustrations of not being able to find high quality and ethical day-to-day essential items in one centralised place. I often had to shop at multiple health food stores or niche online shops to get simple items such as shampoo and toothpaste because my standards were high, I found it difficult to find everything I needed in the one place.

So instead of waiting for a solution to come along, I decided to solve my own problem and start an online store! Along with my husband Michael, our goal is to make shopping for natural products easier, the best we could find based on rigorous research.

We don’t want to stock 1000’s of products and pretend that everything we sell would meet the standards we strive for. No, it’s impossible to do that with such a high range of products and so much variety! We believe in keeping it simple and making all the hard decisions for you. No need to sift through 50 facial oils to find one that suits you, you’ll only ever see one in our store, because it’s taken a while for that one to make the cut. 

As part of our decision to open a store, we’re striving to reduce the waste impact we have on mother nature and therefore only use bubble wrap and filling for our packages that have been recycled from orders that we have received. A lot of waste is produced in transporting stock, so we like to re-use to give it another life. We try our best in our personal lives as well to limit the amount of waste we produce and try and reuse wherever we can. Most weeks our bins are next to empty when it comes to garbage collection time. 

In addition to Fairlings, we run The Minimalist Vegan, a popular global media platform that helps people find the balance between eating well and living mindfully. We post about simplicity, minimalism, veganism as well as delicious plant-based recipes.

I always love to hear from you, so please don't be shy! You can say hi to me directly at, call me on 0432 043 031 or reach out to via Instagram or Facebook.

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