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Natural Organic & Vegan Products Online

If you’re vegan, finding brands that are organic, vegan, ethical and sustainable can often be a difficult task. That’s why we created Fairlings, an online natural products’ shop that only ever stocks products that pass our strict 6-step criteria.

Our shop is easy to navigate and, as it contains only one brand per product category, it’s easy to shop organic products online and feel confident that you’re getting a product that is and does exactly what it says on the label.

Of course, you don’t have to be vegan to use our online vegan products shop; but if you are, you’ll love the fact that you can buy anything you like, safe in the knowledge that it’s all been thoroughly checked out.

Our natural products only make it into our shop after rigorous research

All the products in our online store have been subject to rigorous research to confirm that they’re good for you, good for animals and good for the environment.

As committed vegans ourselves, we wanted to give others like us a place to buy natural products online that are both high-quality and ethical. We also wanted to give you products that work hard for your money, so you don’t have to invest in multiple products to perform a simple function.

Before a product can earn a place in our online store, it’s been thoroughly tested by ourselves and our family, friends and customers to ensure that it’s vegan, cruelty-free, organic, fair trade, sustainable, and that the ingredients are natural.

We also like to take a closer look at the brand behind the products to get a feel for their ethos and how closely it matches ours. And, of course, we guarantee that all our natural personal care products, whether sourced from Australian companies or from further afield, are always fairly priced.

A natural products store that also believes in zero waste

While we can’t get away with no packaging at all, we’ve taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing our products from Australian companies where possible, and only using recycled bubble wrap and parcel filling when we post out our products.

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Our natural & organic stock of products includes Natural Perfumes, Natural Hair Dye, Natural Cleaning Products, Organic Shampoo,Insulated Food Containers, Kids Food Containers, Organic Perfumes, Organic Conditioners, Stainless Steel Canisters, Klean Kanteen, Vegan Perfumes & more. One way to keep abreast of everything new at Fairlings is to sign up for our newsletter. You’ll receive 15% off your order every month, and updates on new products in store, brand stories and exclusive news from behind the scenes at the Fairlings family.

Of course, we always love to hear from fellow Fairlings so join us on Instagram and Facebook and, if you have any queries about any of our products or you just want to connect, you can email us at info@fairlings.com.au

And don’t forget to head over to The Minimalist Vegan, where we post weekly articles on simplicity, minimalism, veganism and plant based recipes.

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